14 Days to Radiance

A 14 day group coaching journey to find the foods that love you back. An elimination diet and cleanse based on the work of Dr. Junger and Lippman. This program was the catalyst to my own life changing journey.

You will:

  • Kiss the belly fat goodbye, you’ve been dealing with this for way too long.
  • Release the toxins that cause that “blah” feeling you can’t shake.
  • Rebalance your body so that you can feel happy, peaceful and energized.
  • Freshen up your life with a delicious whole foods metabolism boost.
  • Get your energy back, and hit the “refresh” button on your body.
  • Amp up your confidence level, so you can feel comfortable in your own skin

What's included:

  • Daily email support
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Self Care 
  • Facebook Community with my support

*may be used with additional support of essential oils

$79  Opening Fall 2016



Simply Raw

Have you wondered what it would be like to eat raw?

You will:

  • Have glowing skin and lots of energy?
  • Kick those sugar cravings and the crash and burn to the curb!
  • Slim down to  healthier version of you
  • Sleep peacefully every night

What's included:

  • No-fuss simple recipes with everyday ingredients
  • Custom guide 
  • Shopping lists with suggested meals
  • food diary
  • facebook community with my support




Love Yourself Lean

You have tried every fad, pill, deprivation diet there is. You have shamed and bullied yourself. You wonder why you don’t have enough willpower to lose the weight.

Let’s try Love instead

Let’s try eating plenty of whole foods with healthy fats and clean proteins and…snacks!

Let’s keep it simple!

What's Included:

  • Simple recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Lots of self care
  • meditaion
  • EFT sessions (optional)
  • may be used with additional support of essential oils

$97  Coming Fall/Winter 2016



Revitalize in 28 Days

A program designed for ALL of you with real, life changing results. Mind-Body-Soul Spaces. Are you ready for a new life and vitality? Nourish your life and find your inner power. Give yourself the gift of a 28 day journey of beauty, love and renewal. Beautiful whole foods recipes you do not have to spend one more ounce of energy trying to figure out when to eat and what to eat. You will be fully supported with Radical Self-Care, how to commit to change, and moving your body. Imagine feeling better that you ever have and actually glowing from the inside out.  Imagine feeling cleaner and lighter no matter what time of year it is or what is happeining in your life

What's Included:

  • 30 minute personal call
  • EFT support optional

$159  Coming Fall 2016



Creating Soul Spaces

coming soon

A simple easy to understand and implement e-design plan:

  • Style Board,
  • shopping plan and list,
  • plus colors for you to create a room that supports your wellness lifestyle.



As an Interior Designer, I know about custom. Sometimes the stock options don’t fit. If that is you, I encourage you to reach out and contact me for a consultation. We can design a 3 month program or a VIP Day that fits you-perfectly.  Body-Mind-Soul Spaces.