I used to only dream about living a beautiful life until I took the leap of faith to create the life I had always desired.


I know you want to live a dynamic life and enjoy each and every day free from pressure and stress. You work incredibly hard because you are extremely passionate, and you deserve to flourish especially after a rewarding and long day doing work that you love. 


You want to cultivate your creativity and live your life with a sense of simplicity.

You desire to finally fall in love with yourself without hesitation.

You want your home to feel like a sanctuary that nurtures you from the moment you walk in the door.

You deserve to live a lovely life that is full of beautiful moments of pleasure. 


I inspire passionate women in all phases of life to STOP feeling invisible and START reclaiming their authentic lives.


we unlock simple secrets to living and aging well and discover how to feel more powerful and sexier than ever before.


I am a Multi-Passionista by heart:

  • Interior Designer,

  • Lifestyle Director for BellaMia Magazine,

  • photographer,

  • wellness coach and stylist,

  • EFT practitioner,

  • holistic chef,

  • gardener and

  • essential oil enthusiast.


"And so she decided to start living the life she imagined" 



Since I Was A Young Girl, I Felt Drawn To The Creative World.

My childhood was filled with glitter, colored paper, and vibrant paints. I started cooking at a very young age to help feed my family while my mom was hard at work. I fell in love with the culinary arts because I believed that food was a way to love and nourish our bodies. It became a great pleasure for me, and it still remains something I absolutely love to do. I held onto this passion throughout my entire life.

 I am a creative and wild woman by nature. I live to enjoy and capture every moment with my camera that is never far from my reach. I live my life with the intention to enjoy every second, and for me, that means indulging in all that I love to do. Do you have many ideas, talents and passions to bring into the world?

As a designer and wellness stylist, I can help you design your beautiful life. I have learned to lead my life with creativity that acts as a looking glass for everything I do. 


Let’s work on nourishing you so you can make this happen-without burning out!


Hey Beautiful!

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Body  Mind  Spirit




My Manifesto


I believe in Living Life on a Natural High.  

Eating foods that I can recognize and pronounce, that are grown fresh instead of manufactured in a lab. Recognizing that sugar, alcohol and caffeine are drugs and treating them accordingly.

I believe in the wisdom of the body.

That food is medicine and is inherent in the bodies healing process. My mission is to share lifestyle choices such as nutrient dense food, essential oils, exercise, meditative and holistic practices as part of a way of healing myself and others in body, mind and spirit. 

I believe in creating soul spaces.  

To have a space(s) that encourage contemplation, meditation. Conducive to creativity and day dreaming.  Sipping tea, reading a book or simply being.

I believe in building my business around my life.  

Feeling the freedom to make as much money as I desire for my needs- to be able to pick an event, a workshop, an occasion to celebrate anywhere in the world and say YES.

I believe in speaking my truth.  

To spread the word about addiction and help to take away the shame and and degradation about the disease. To share that it is a self teaching that can create a new life of higher achievement.

I believe I am a child of the universe and I have every right to be here on this earth.

 I can make a difference with every step I take. Happiness, joy and passion are my right.  

I believe in Love.  

Love is to be showered upon myself and shared freely with others.