I coach fast-moving innovative women entrepreneurs who are burdened by stress and the pressure that comes with finding a work and life balance. I help them tap into their true desires for their life and body to style a more relaxed, joyful, and creative life.

I didn’t always lead a life from a creative and free-spirited perspective.  

At 45, I woke up one day to the realization that I actually hated my life.

I knew something had to change within me to start living the life I wanted.

Between my unhappy marriage, my unhealthy body, my miserable job, and the general feeling that I wasn’t living my authentic life- I decided that I’d had enough.

I had hit rock bottom.

I once thought alcohol helped make the world go around. I thought I was better and more productive with it than without it—more sociable, creative and loving. Until it stopped working.  It also made me more withdrawn, angry and stifled. It numbed me to the painful reality of my unhappy marriage and life. 

One step at a time, one day at a time, I began to reclaim myself.

I rediscovered ME. And as I started to adopt healthier habits my life became happier. I began to entertain the novel concept that I not only LIKED myself; I LOVED myself.

I started to look deeper into my life, my heart, and my health. I realized I had years of damage from living the life I had chosen for so long.

I sought change and transformation.


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

- Dolly Parton


I took a detox class, and it changed my life. Not only did I learn a great deal about nutrition, but I also discovered what foods did not serve my body.

I discovered many delicious new foods and a way of eating that allowed my body to shed excess weight effortlessly and reclaim total wellness. I never thought I needed to lose weight, as I had been at the same weight and size for years. I figured that was just the way it was for me. I never associated the foods I was eating with bloat, a poor, dull complexion, and chronic exhaustion.

Through my own experience of dependence and renewal, I help women to overcome the hopelessness of feeling sick and tired.

I help women release what takes away from their liveliness, whatever that may be. 

I created a toolbox of simple methods to help you learn to love yourself again. I believe in integrating all of the enjoyable facets to health and releasing what no longer works. I have been doing this since my mid-forties—and it works! I want to help you slow down and live life at your own pace so you can start living a more productive, fulfilling life.

I am honored to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, slow down, relax, and pursue the work and life you love while finding a balance that works. I can help you find the foods that nourish you, create space to feed your soul, and learn new tools to cope with a hectic life.

You can be healthy, sexy, and energetic without punishing yourself or subscribing to anyone else’s standard.  And you can do it in a fun, graceful way that is supported by nourishment.

You can create a beautiful life that shows how uniquely rare and beautiful you are.

It is truly possible to find balance. The choice is yours.

I welcome the chance to help YOU choose a healthier, happier, more enjoyable future.