Custom Malas

An ancient and spiritual tool for the modern world

We are all seeking connection with ourselves and Mother Earth

What if you had a tool to navigate today’s noisy world with your own dreams, desires, goals and intentions?

We can make this happen. Together.


Let me create and hand craft a mala designed specifically for you and your needs.

Each Mala is made with 108 beads plus a guru bead hand knotted with love, focus on your desires and gratitude by me.  Working with these beautiful stones of the earth is a meditative and spiritual practice for me that gets infused into the process. Each mala is made with semi precious gemstone beads each of them selected for their unique healing and emotional properties. These gemstones are often combined with Sandalwood, Silkwood or Rudraksha seeds, Lava Stones (for their healing properties and ability to diffuse essential oils) and metal accents.


Mala with Pendant.jpg


Once you email me the process begins. We will schedule a 30 minute phone consultation. I will coach you during our time together and gather information to make this Mala uniquely yours. We will discuss your desires, dreams, goals and intentions as well as color and metal preferences, tassel or pendant. I design the piece, and ship it to you.

Each custom design package includes the following:

  • Uniquely designed and handcrafted mala based on our conversation
  • Personal design and coaching consultation
  • Mala storage pouch
  • Properties of the crystals and materials selected for you
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Cost and Payment

The price for your custom piece is $125 plus shipping.

Payment will be required after our design consultation.

I accept Paypal, Venmo, cash or check.

I use high quality materials on your mala. It is normal for malas that are used with frequency to break. Some view this as a sign you have outgrown the intentions of your piece. However, if your mala breaks within the first year of use I will restring it at no charge. Shipping costs will be your responsibility.


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Priscilla Stephan

Intuitive Business Strategist

I absolutely LOVE my mala.  It gives me an incredible feeling of peace and it is a constant reminder that I am always supported.  The stones are beautiful, calming and feel like me. Sharon also listened carefully to my tastes in the insightful in-take process and added a gorgeous pendant to the mala instead of a tassel.  The process of talking through the how I desire to feel on a daily basis and having this gorgeous anchor of my sacred intentions is a lovely reminder of possibility, love and surrender. I highly recommend you gift yourself and a friend one!


Dr. Anita M Jackson

Founder and CEO

The Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Network

AMJ Productions & Publications

Most know that prayer and regular meditation can help cultivate a higher level of awareness, intuition, and personal intention. However, when you implement malas into your spiritual practice, you are sure to experience a completely new level of consciousness that can literally change your life.

When I was first introduced to malas, I was drawn to the ritual use of touching something sacred, beautiful, and purposeful through beads. Simply feeling beads gliding through your fingers during prayer was extremely appealing to me. When Sharon announced that she was creating custom malas, I knew I needed to have one of my own.

Sharon’s process in helping you create a custom mala is simply magical. Sharon has a beautiful way of asking you just the “right” questions to help her, and you, identify which sacred beads would best support your desires.

If you are serious about stepping into your next level of success in your personal life and business, implementing malas into your spiritual practice is key. More importantly, having Sharon create one specifically designed to support you will be worth the time, energy, effort, and investment. I HIGHLY recommend.