I am so excited and honored to help you on your journey to health and happiness. I want to welcome you home to your body and your mind. The goal of this program is to bring your body into harmony.

We want to make your transformation as smooth and enjoyable as possible by providing you with nourishing recipes, tools for de-stressing in this world, and a wealth of information to support you to make a massive change in small steps.

My health philosophy is based on bio-individuality, the concept that no one diet works for everyone. My life really changed when I learned which foods gave me a ton of energy, and this is what I am going to teach you. I have outlined easy to follow steps in the Program Guide, and I encourage you to understand why you are committing to this program.

I am a sugar addict. Pure and simple. Most of the time I can keep it under control. But I am human. When it gets dark, gloomy and rainy here in the pnw I can turn to sugar for a lft and comfort. Last year I had a candida overgrowth I could not shake no matter what natural remedies I tried. I decided to try this Cleanse and Restore program that another coach offered. It was so successful in getting my body on track that I decided I needed to share this work as much as possible.

I love offering deep self care and loving rituals that are simple to follow. We will be exploring those together. There are some amazing things I do in my own life that I want to share with you because they have changed my life. I use these natural solutions every day in my own life.

I want to share with you why I chose to include these fantastic natural solutions called essential oils into my own daily life. Not only do I use these essential oils on a daily basis for myself, but I also use them with my family, in my house, and even on our family pet! I am a health coach who believes in detoxing and cleansing the body. We are exposed to toxins at an uncontrollable level even in the air that we breathe on a daily basisI saw the health of my body improve and thrive, and if you want to fall in love with essential oils and learn more, then please feel free to contact me @ <insert email and contact info> for your free consultation.

I am by no means a doctor, so anytime you begin taking any supplement you should consult your doctor. What I do know is that this has worked for me, and now I finally have that endless energy I have desired for a long time.

By the end of this program, you will have more energy and you will feel incredible.

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I look forward to supporting you naturally in every sense of the word.

Lots of love,