Lavender Lemonade

When I saw the Pink Lemons sitting in the produce section at Trader Joes, I immediately thought of this recipe. These lemons are adorable inside and out. Striped on the outside and a beautiful pale pink flesh on the inside. 

I have been doing a lot of gardening this year and planting an herb garden is always the first thing on my agenda when I move. I kept it indoors as long as possible but was able to plant everything outside about a month ago. I have been collecting a variety of herbs and will see what does the best in the small space I have. 

I knew I wanted lavender (it is one of my favorites) for the scent and the versatility it brings with culinary personal care and home uses.  However, they can get pretty big so I had to wait until I had the right spot in the garden cleared to plant these. When I went to the nursery I was ecstatic to find not only the beautiful purple lavender you see in the glasses in the photo, but also a gorgeous variety of pink lavender (swoon). 

Not only will you love the refreshing taste of this lemonade but you will get the extra benefits from a drop (or two) of lavender essential oils. When you are using essential oils to ingest, make sure you look for the certified pure therapeutic grade oils that I use.  This lemonade packs a punch of vitamin C from the lemons, sweetness from raw honey and the lavender essential oil helps with inflammation and is very calming to the body. So a refeshing drink that helps with your inner Zen. Yes, please!  You can have fun with this lemonade by adding a little tint from food grade coloring, but I opted to  keep in natural with lavender sprigs, and slices of lemon. 





Juice of 6 lemons 

3/4 - 1 cup of raw honey

1-2 drops of lavender essential oil

12 cups of water

Sprigs of lavender and/or lavender food coloring (optional) 




Juice lemons. Add honey and water, stir well. Check for sweetness. 

Add lavender essential oil and stir. Pour over ice and garnish.